Why Us

Why Use Thoroughbred Recoveries?

Although we offer all of the skills of a normal debt recovery businesses, our services are unique in that they are tailored to industry and client. One solution does not fit all, and we know that. All cases are individually managed by our client services team, using technology as assistance rather than a replacement. We are an extension of your business and your brand.

When a roadblock that presents itself cannot be overcome through negotiation, we engage our legal agents. Like ourselves, our law firm act as agents and are specialists in the thoroughbred industry. Some clients do not understand the seriousness of a matter until it is escalated to legal action and we know when that is the case. Such a move often encourages a swift resolution.

With the help of our experienced legal agents, we can organise for a review to ascertain if you need to draft contracts and terms and conditions of trade that help you get results when it comes to collecting your debts. We offer assistance in whole debt management and advice on how to create your own systems to maximise results. Our knowledge is your benefit.