Thoroughbred Recoveries – Our business is resolving your debt problems

Our business is resolving

your debt problems.

Experience Matters

Thoroughbred Recoveries specialises in the thoroughbred industry and we have over a century of collective experience in our office. All of our knowledge is at the disposal of our clients enabling us to solve debt problems faster. Our industry experience means we understand the importance of achieving respectful, amicable solutions with current slow paying clients so that it doesn’t have a detrimental impact when it comes to future dealings and relationships

We work harder and smarter and deliver for businesses of all shapes and sizes. We service some of the largest thoroughbred studs and horse trainers, right through to veterinarians and small agistment farms. Our skills in the thoroughbred industry also make us extremely well suited to agribusiness and general recoveries.

Our skills are well honed in finding a way through problems, sorting them and helping people get closure. As difficult as an issue may seem, we get the results. Our knowledgeable team is able to judge what the most effective method of communication will be for each individual debt.

Decisive action most often results in the best outcomes.
This is where our industry knowledge pays dividends for our clients

Why use Thoroughbred Recoveries?

Although we offer all of the skills of a normal debt recovery businesses, our services are unique in that they are tailored to industry and client. One solution does not fit all, and we know that.

Online Portal

Thoroughbred Recoveries provides clients 24/7 access to their debts via our online facility.

Our team

Thoroughbred Recoveries has put together a team of staff who know the thoroughbred industry and how it ticks. We look for the highest levels of skill and experience together with an inherent passion and determination to succeed.